Work it, Girl!

Your Guide to Stylish Business Attire

Finding the right outfit for work doesn’t always have to be boring and uncomfortable. Every woman has the right to feel excited about what she wears outside, and inside the workplace! As most people say, it’s important to be passionate about what you do – it is also important to be passionate about the things you wear while doing it!

With some of these professional, and comfortable pieces from Rebecca Taylor, you will feel confident, and well-prepared to take on the world with whatever life throws at you!

Plaid & Proper

These plaid pieces are versatile and can be worn in every season! Mix and match the top and skirt with different pieces from your closet to have a new look every day. You can also pair the Tailored Summer Check & Silk Dress with some heeled sandals on a hot summer day, or a peacoat and some tights for those cold winter months! The possibilities are endless with these timeless pieces. Made with soft and breathable material, these items will keep you comfortable during a long work day.


Wear-to-Work Blouses

Looking for something less fitted, and just as professional? These are the tops for you! Each one has it’s own unique detail, and is the perfect option for someone who wants a simple, yet elegant look for work. Pair these tops with some neutral-colored slacks, or with a pop of color as shown in the photos. The light and loose-fitting design will keep you from getting overheated throughout the day. Who says you can’t stay cool in the office during the summer months?

Dress It Up

Not only are these dresses sophisticated, but they are also perfect for any woman who just wants to throw on one thing before work! No need to layer or complicate things – these dresses are the only clothing item you need to simplify the process of getting ready for work. Keep things simple & sleek with the Slub Suiting Dress, make a bold statement with the Tweed Dress, or try a more feminine & girly look with the Aime Jacquard & Clean Suiting Dress!

The Perfect Blazer

This blazer speaks for itself. Great to throw on over a dress (it looks especially fashionable worn over the Tweed Dress shown above) or button it up over a camisole with some slacks or a skirt! The structured shoulders and fitted waist are flattering to all body types, and will give you the confident, and powerful look you deserve.


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