Don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.
We all age differently but one thing stays the same, we all want to age gracefully. Unfortunately, a lot of this is out of our control! What can you do? Accept the idea that this is life? Or make changes that are in your control? You know what they say – small changes make the biggest differences. Consider starting with something you need and impacts your daily life. What about glasses? They can drastically change the way you look and are something used daily and in your control. We have found a whole community that has come together to celebrate aging. They do so by making aging feel less of a burden but instead fun and personal through eye wear.
Why do we choose CADDIS? Well CADDIS is the anti anti-aging brand. So here it is…We are going to have an open and frank conversation with you about how absolutely right on it is to be the age we are, right here and now. This brand is calling bullshit on 50 is the new 40, on the whole fountain of youth illusion, on the many industries that are profiting on vanity and fear of age, on the concept of “aging gracefully” and on the notion of raging against the dying of the light.
Now is what we got, and now is pretty awesome
We are happy to be apart of a community that has come together to celebrate aging. They do so by making aging feel less of a burden and make it fun and personal through eye wear. This brand known for their updated style while maintaining quality. They are a fan favorite of people everywhere and of every age. Especially our ladies here at AshleyCole Boutique.
Glasses help you get through each day. They are a need that you have to satisfy. Why not make the best of them by finding fun styles that are fit for your face and make you feel full of life!
On every CADDIS box it says “This is for people who are not in the long process of giving up. It has everything to do with age, but nothing to do with your job, your gender, or whether you live in orange county or hazard county. It has to do with being who you are and owning it”.
Ageing is only a mindset and for those of you who are still out here to make the best of life, CADDIS is with you. Owning who you are and representing exactly where you are in life is powerful.


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