Transitional Wear, clothing that brings you into the new season.


Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, birds are chirping! The sun is shining, and winter is melting away. The spring season is near, and with that comes a new sense of style. Transitioning from one season to another can bring forth a sense of refreshment. Things are changing! Out with the old and in with the new. Where winter is about  texture and creative layering, spring is about stripping it down and refocusing on color and movement, which brings drastic changes to both wardrobe and lifestyle. Colors become more vibrant, and adventure seems to be waiting at the doorstep. In the same sense, these changes apply within our wardrobe.



We are moving into a season of shedding. Shedding heavy clothing and darker colors for freedom from layers and the addition of vibrant colors. However, this isn’t to say that one needs to invest in an entirely new wardrobe for Spring. Rather, the key is found in transitional pieces!



Use your unique closet to pair opposite fabrics. Layer a chunky sweater with a soft chiffon maxi skirt, biker shorts, or cut off denim. The need for sweaters does not vanish like the snow does. Mornings are brisk and nights are still chilly, making sweaters have a pivotal role in outfit planning. The best knitwear to bring with you into Spring include delicately embroidered florals, soft cashmere, and thin ribbed cardigans. For an extra fashion foot forward try sweater sets for a trendy monochromatic look.



For the minimalists out there, take advantage of a boyfriend blazer (use it as a lightweight jacket) or go for a trench coat. Both are the centerpiece to a simple and effortless outfit. However, whether you wear one cinched at the waist with a contrasting belt or leave it open to show off a slip dress underneath, trench coat outfit ideas are virtually limitless.


It’s time to show a little leg. Culottes, long Bermuda shorts or a cropped trouser (which ever you prefer to call them) are the perfect transitional bottom layers. This hybrid of pants and long shorts have become a major asset to fashionistas closets, most giving them the same styling as they would a midi skirt. Culottes come in million designs, cuts and styles. They look great in silken fabric, as well as in wool, so there is no going wrong.


Start Spring off on the right foot with pieces that are already conveniently in your closet.


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