Leather is an upcoming trend that we are going to see A LOT of in the new year (and we aren’t complaining)! From pants, to jackets, to skirts, this trend adds texture, and a whole lot of style to any outfit! When you think of wearing leather, you might think of motorcycles and rock bands, but it is so much more versatile than that! Do you ever have those moments in the morning, after you’ve gotten dressed, and you think to yourself “Hmmm my outfit could use just a little something, something”?  Adding leather is your answer girl and yes, you CAN wear it even on your most casual days! Rock on.  


Adding leather to your casual, everyday outfit is a great way to spice up your basic tee and jeans routine! Also, an added bonus, it makes the process of transitioning your outfit from day to night so easy! Who wouldn’t want to get to happy hour quicker?! Wearing jeans and a tee to run errands? Add a leather jacket! So easy to throw on, and will make you look ten times more put together (thank us later). Slip on a chunky sneaker for an elevated athleisure look, and run out the door! Check out this incredibly soft leather jacket from IRO Paris (here), it is sure to be the jacket you reach for multiple times a week! It pairs perfectly with a Madeworn tee (here) and our absolute favorite sneaker from Zadig & Voltaire (here). Easy-peasy!


When it comes to dressing leather up, you’re options are pretty much limitless. For a fun and flirty option, a leather skirt is your go-to. Our favorite one is by RtA (here) and it has zipper accents that edge it up even more! Yes please! If you’re thinking, this piece is just a tad out of your comfort zone, pair it with a sparkly top (here) to balance out the edgy detail from the skirt. Sequins and leather in one outfit? That’s the best of both worlds! Add a simple pump, these ones by Tony Bianco (here) are the right amount of detail, and will keep you dancing all night long.





If you work in a space that is a little more lax on dress code, adding leather into your work outfit will make getting dressed in the morning so much more fun! Tired of those boring black slacks you wear three times a week? Try these amazing leather pants by IRO (here). An added bonus, they are extremely soft and comfortable, guaranteed your co-workers will be asking where you got these bad boys! Keep your traditional button up on top, our favorites are by Frank & Eileen (here), to keep the look refined. Business on the top, party on the bottom. Add these spiked heels by Steve Madden (here) for an unexpected flare. Wear with caution! 


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