Nothing gets us excited like the thought of new denim! That hunt for the perfect new pair of jeans or that ideal Fall wash that we have been lusting after, and since the cold weather is literally just around the corner as we approach mid September, now is the perfect time to be stocking up on new denim! Today we are going to share our secrets on how to keep your new fall favorites in tip-top shape for years to come!


                                               HOW TO CARE – Prevent color transfer 

 Before wearing your jeans for the first time, wash them alone in cold water. For extra protection, add a half cup of white vinegar to help seal color. lay flat to dry.

                                               HOW TO REPAIR – Restore stretch

 When your stretch jeans start to lose resilience, toss them into the dryer to regain elasticity.                                  


   HOW TO CARE – Wait to wash

Don’t wash jeans after every wear; do it every 5 to 10 wears to help them last longer. Wash them inside out in cold water and lay flat to dry.                                                                                        


HOW TO REPAIR – Forget freezing

You may have heard that freezing freshens them, but it doesn’t work. Spot-clean with a dot of dish soap on a clean cloth or spritz with a fabric freshener, like Febreze. 




HOW TO CARE -Hang up     

Store them on hangers rather than folding them so fibers can recover from stretch stress, especially in the knees.    

 HOW TO REPAIR – Fix the fray   

If your hems get distressed and you don’t love the look, trim them with scissors or have a tailor repair them. The jeans may be slightly shorter after the hems are fixed, so consult with your tailor – making a more significant crop during the repair might look even better.


To make your life easier, I’ve rounded up our new denim pieces that I think you will love for this Fall season, and there’s lots of styles to choose from, so there’s something for everyone! 

I’m thinking up all these outfits to go with each one! Just click on the pairs of jeans you want to purchase below and it will take you to buy them. Happy shopping! Are there any new jeans or denim pieces you plan on buying right now?




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