In todays post we will be talking about how to care for those delicate cashmere sweaters we all love and reach for time after time. Although their daunting “how to care for” label may steer you away from purchasing, after today you will have the knowledge and confidence to take care of your softest, most luxurious sweaters yourself.

When caring for your cashmere, you have 3 options– Dry clean, machine wash and hand wash. We are here to tell you, you can save your dollars by using your washing machine or hand washing, if you want to! who wouldn’t want to save a little extra time and money?



Machine Washing

To start off, thinking about machine washing your cashmere may sound like the worst advice ever….. but, there is a way. First, you want to purchase a garment bag and some cashmere soap. This soap is much gentler than most detergents. look for something that specifically says “for wool or cashmere” and if your local market doesn’t supply it, than gentle baby soap will also do the trick. Now that you have those two essentials, place your cashmere in the garment bag and add the recommended dose of soap per the back of the bottle. Set your machine to delicates or woolens, cold water is a must, and you are all set to go! For the drying process, lay flat and viola!



Hand Washing

To hand wash, you will need that same soap described for the machine wash process. Fill up your sink or washing container with cold water and add the soap. Agitate the sweater with your hands and then let soak for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes rinse thoroughly and press the water out. This step is very important, as you do not want to wring your sweater out. Instead, press the water out to help keep its shape. Lay flat and you’re done!




To keep those precious delicates looking their best at all times, it is important to store them folded to keep from loosing their shape. Be mindful of your other sweaters and their bling, cashmere snags fairly easy so keep it away from your flashy embellished loves. If you live in a region with moths, a little trick is to store your cashmere with lavender satchels. Moths love to eat away at cashmere, those little buggers.

As life is, accidents happen, and if you spill on your cashmere the best option is to spot clean first before you decide it needs a whole wash. This will extend the life of it from washing too often!




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