Holiday Favorites Do Double-Duty!
We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and danced their way into 2020! As you declutter your wardrobe for the year ahead, we are here to tell you to keep those beloved holiday pieces ready to style! Yep, you read that right, those pieces you thought you could only get wear out of during the holidays can (and should!) be incorporated into your daytime wear. No longer shoving those pretty sparkly heels to the back of your closet to collect dust until next year. 
Cardigans & Blazers –
If you bought a rhinestone cardigan or sequined blazer, fret not, these pieces are incredibly easy to incorporate with your daytime wear. The foundation of this outfit is definitely a casual jean. Something light and distressed will make your statement piece less loud and dressy and more relaxed and chic! Check out this pair (here) from 3×1. They are relaxed, distressed, and the fit is amazing. For layering underneath, depending on the color of your statement piece, you could either do a graphic tee or just a solid color tee or bodysuit. Our favorite graphic tees are by Madeworn (here) and you can’t go wrong on your selection – they are all amazing! Finish it off with a pair of sneakers or your favorite classic black boot. These ones (here) by Steve Madden are flying off the shelf, for obvious reasons! 
Pants –
OK – We know what you’re thinking. How the heck am I going to dress down my holiday pants? Even though it may seem impossible, it is done ALL the time and is such a fun pop to any outfit! Printed jeans are worn all year round, so why can’t your sequins be too? Style these bad boys exactly like you would a printed jean. Add something more simple on top, this sweater (here) is perfect to pair with any loud piece, plus it has a hood and is so thick and soft. Win win. For shoes you really can’t go wrong with pairing a sneaker with them or these studded boots by Zadig & Voltaire (here) bring it all together with their stud detailing!
Shoes – 
When it comes to pairing a sparkle heel, the options are endless. Add them to your basic jeans and tee outfit to look cool and casual but still put together, without half the effort! If you are still hesitant, add them to your all black daily uniform and tell us it doesn’t make you look like the picture of sophistication. These black jeans (here) are a staple in our closets and are the most comfortable fit. Add this simple, but detailed sweater (here), and you are ready to jet out of your house!  
Sweaters – 
We are all about boycotting boring sweaters over here, so being able to wear that metallic or shimmery sweater well after the holidays, sounds like the best outfit ever! Pair it with some leather trousers for added texture, our favorites (here) are by IRO Paris and they are the most soft, comfortable pant we’ve put on our body. Add your favorite (dare I say sneaker) sneaker OR of course your go to booties. Since I haven’t linked a sneaker yet, i’ll do it (here). These are a go-to from Zadig & Voltaire, we pair them with everything and can be used in any of the outfits listed above as well! 
Hopefully these ideas will give you a new outlook on wearing your special holiday pieces year round, and also make it easier to shop next year, as you won’t feel guilty buying something you thought you would only wear once! We love getting more bang for our buck and we also love seeing everyone in sequins and sparkles year round! 
XOXO, AshleyCole


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