Fresh Updates on the Classic Summer Hat

Whether you’re a Panama hat kind of gal or prefer an extra-floppy style á la Jacquemus, nothing says vacation quite like the perfect hat.

Diving into a Montana river float- grab a hat. Taking off for a pool side vacation – grab a hat. Snapping selfies outside during golden hour – grab a hat! Beside a glass of rosé, there is nothing more essential to your photos.

Down below are some of our favorite picks you can wear to block out the sun (and maybe a hater or two) in style!


Lack of Color


Sleek black wool and custom-made gold conchos create the ultimate statement look. Wear this bold hat to a music festival, going out for drinks with friends, or out to explore the city!



Lack of Color


With a skinny black ribbon, this fedora-style hat is feminine and classic. Perfect for a lunch date in town, an afternoon cruise through the country, or running to the farmer’s market!




Lack of Color


Boldly classic, a black wide-brim hat is always elegant. With gold and turquoise detailing, this hat is for anyone with a love for the rustic and classic Montana style.


Hats – The Neglected Accessory


We have seen from Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and Audrey Hepburn, that a classic hat always creates a chic and feminine look. An outfit is simply not complete until you have selected the appropriate style, color, and fabric. Hats are a staple in the wardrobes of many powerful women.

Some of the most beautiful women in history (particularly the women featured above) are remembered for their effortless style and grace. These icons rocked every type of hat in the book, and paved the way to create a look that is not a trend, but a timeless fashion statement.

If you are unsure about what type of hat is right for you, we urge you to find your style here at AshleyCole. Once you find a silhouette that flatters your facial structure, and a color that compliments your complexion, you’ll share our understanding that you’re never fully dressed without a hat!


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