Hot new denim trends to try this spring!


Frayed Hems

Denim is coming undone. Toss the outdated fold at the ankles look and incorporate the unique cut of frayed-hems. Everyone can wear it, because it’s not limited to one particular denim fit. This applies to everything from cropped flares, skinnies, or denim jackets, incorporating different silhouettes into your wardrobe. The look can be subtle and polished or a major statement with a dramatic fray. The raw hem makes for the perfect touch of distressing.

Crop it out

Spring is about changes and stepping out of the heavy looks that winter brings. Make those changes by stepping into a pair of cropped denim. Try shedding the darker, heavier washes of winter for a light wash. Made for a casual and ideal way to show off your shoes. Wear them with knee-high boots, mules, or strappy sandals when the weather warms up. The jeans make the statement, so don’t over-think the rest of your look. Keep the top half of your outfit fairly relaxed. A tee or hoodie works.





A major staple and lovely choice all year round, high-waisted denim can be flattering on any body type. They help reduce the appearance of any bulging at the waistband because they sit higher on the torso than low-rise jeans.The look is sexy, versatile and youthful and elongates the legs. Wear yours with barely there sandals for a leg-lengthening effect. For the top, dress it up with a blazer or tuck it in with a blouse. Maybe keep things casual with a white tee or button up, the world is your oyster.


Ridged Denim

Ridged denim is a type of denim that is UNTREATED, UNTOUCHED, and UNWASHED straight from the factory that

created the denim. J Brand’s jeans are one of the best, because they’re rigid, but the denim itself is thinner than most vintage pairs, making them incredibly comfortable. At a certain point, shopping for vintage jeans becomes a tiring process. You want that glove fit. Co-founder of Re/done, Sean Barron, shared what it is that you should look for when jeans shopping: “Shoppers should definitely look for a jean that has no give and a bit of weight to the denim. Other than that, it’s about fit. The fit is crucial when shopping for rigid denim. We have so many rigid styles because we want everyone to be able to find the perfect rigid jean for their liking.”. According to J brand, “Rigid technically is 0% stretch so when shopping for rigid jeans you should look for denim with no elastane (stretch). In terms of sizing, it’s best to buy rigid jeans pretty tight (almost where you have to lie down to get them zipped) as rigid jeans do stretch out after wearing.





There is a whole new movement in denim that is less about the shape and instead focused on interesting prints and patterns. One of the biggest trends to work into your wardrobe is animal print. Snake-effect jeans are already a big hit and give you an instant rock and roll feel, but snakeskin isn’t the only star of the show. Leopard, stripes, and Camo are making their way to the scene. When styling this type of denim keep everything else pared back—the pants will do all the talking.


Remember, denim is very personal and highly individualized—the ideal jean should allow you to feel amazing without compromising comfort.


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