5 Steps To Dress Like A Boss!

Whether you’re gearing up for a brand new job, or have been working the same job for quite some time now, it’s important that you feel powerful in the clothes you wear every day! The air is getting colder, and workdays longer. Make getting dressed for work an exciting and empowering part of your day instead of a chore! What you wear and how you feel go hand in hand – YOU are in charge of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss at work; what matters is that you are the boss of your life!

Here at AshleyCole, we want you to feel empowered by the clothes you wear. Dressing in a way that makes you feel strong and confident will not only make you look like a boss, but it’ll make you FEEL like one too!

Effortless. Creative. Individual.

Below are five steps to help you dress like a BOSS!

1. Booties that lift you UP.

Some might find it hard to find the perfect pair of work shoes as the weather starts to cool down. Well, not at AshleyCole! Here are some booties that will not only lift you up (literally). But, they will also make you feel like a total boss!

Comfy and versatile, these booties will keep you on your feet all day, and digging your heels into every project!



2. Blaze through your work day.

Blazers are the ultimate power piece. Show everyone who’s boss with these sleek and unique pieces! Keep it simple, or try our variety of colors and patterns to really make a statement.

The structured shoulders and feminine waistline will keep you confident and ready to take on anything that life throws at you!


3. Pack ALL the essentials.

Every woman knows the importance of being able to pack everything (and anything) into her work bag! Say goodbye to large grocery totes full of folders and granola bars – here are some stylish bags that are spacious enough to bring to the office!

Choose from simple solids, or spice your work bag up with a stunning animal print!


4. Wear the pants in the office.

These pants will make you feel powerful and beautiful without compromising comfort. These are not your typical plain dress pants; the cut and patterns of these pieces are unique and easy to pair with so many tops and shoes! Throw these on with a simple blouse and a jacket for those chilly fall days.


5. Dress for success!

Whether you like your dresses to be colorful, neutral, fitted, or flared – we have one for everyone here at AshleyCole! Don’t settle for OK when you’re choosing a dress to wear to work. Powerful women take charge of their lives, and these dresses will help you do just that!

Wearing a dress that makes you feel confident will enhance your attitude and, therefore, relationships in the workplace. Be a BOSS! Dress for success, and believe you can do anything!



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