4 Ways To Wear Sweatpants To Thanksgiving Dinner
-Who wants to wear real pants anyway? 


When it comes to getting dressed for Thanksgiving, you have two options: really go for it and put together a full look for your holiday dinner, or take the chic, slacker way out and wear an outfit that includes a pair of glorified sweatpants. Whether they’re covered in sequins, cut from cashmere or even leather, upscale joggers keep you looking fully put together while reaching for an extra helping of wine and pie. Scroll through for 4 ways to wear sweats to Turkey Day dinner, then stop in and shop your favorite look. Xoxo AshleyCole Boutique



There’s so many cute, wide leg sweat pants that can easily be worn outside the house. For instance, try The Favorite Sweatpant from Frank & Eileen, paired with a low key knit top. A simple, collared knit with high rise pants are generally very fashionable. Top off your look with a denim jacket and your favorite slide for a casual, easygoing outfit. You’ll feel comfortable, have room for food, and look like you put together. 


The Favorite Sweatpants -https://ashleycoleboutique.com/products/frank-eileen-cropped-wide-leg-1?_pos=4&_sid=cfe63587d&_ss=r $178, multiple colors available. POPOVER HENLEY Heritage Jersey - https://ashleycoleboutique.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/lab510h-black $148 



If you want to make it look like you’ve put in at least a little bit of effort, you can add some lucite to your silk drawstring sweats. Then grab a matching top, a great pair of silver hoops, your favorite lip color, and a good slipper to finish off your easy going look. (The slipper is a must when keeping it casual)

The Fiona Pant by RtA - https://ashleycoleboutique.com/products/flona-pant?_pos=11&_sid=783cea231&_ss=r $395 The Charley Top - https://ashleycoleboutique.com/products/charley-top?_pos=9&_sid=783cea231&_ss=r $425 Ardell Slippers - https://ashleycoleboutique.com/products/ardell-x-slipper?_pos=4&_sid=8a884442a&_ss=r&variant=41244240511161 $88 (Main Photo) 



A slim jogger outfit with a satin cami look is one of my favorites! It’s a great way to look polished, while being comfortable. It’s great for working in the kitchen while hosting guests all at the same time. If you want to dress this look down, but still look polished, trade in the blazer for a denim jacket and the high heels for white sneakers. An outfit that's equal parts dressed up and comfortable.

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Meeting your S.O.’s parents for the first time? Balance the almost too-cool vibes of your sequined pants with a plaid shirt. This keeps you feeling calm and cool while looking festive and approachable. A great pair of pumps for a bit of sass along with a chic clutch will also impress.

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